Label your plants with aluminum "Impress-O-Tags"

Impress-O Metal Plant Tag

The very best indoor-outdoor, 
multi-purpose tags you can buy

  • Identify your potted plants, fruit trees, roses, orchids, etc.
  • Record information about your plants such as date planted or repotted, where purchased, etc.
  • Lasts for many years. You will wonder how you ever put up with flimsy labels
Amekron Impress-O tag

"Write-on" metal plant tags make it
easy for you to label everything

    • Simply write on one or both sides with a ballpoint pen, pencil, or other sharp object, to deboss ("engrave") the tag.
    • These aluminum tags are so easy to write on due to the soft inner core. Don't settle for cheap single layer metal plant tags!
    • Large, 1" X 3-3/8" tags provides plenty of space for you to write on. Your message is permanent - it remains legible for years in any environment.
    • The durable finish of these metal plant labels does not oxidize or rust, even with prolonged exposure to weather, most chemicals, heat, and dirt.
    • Sturdy aluminum sheet is wrapped and glued around the core and permanently crimped in place, sealing the sides. The tag will not separate.
    • 100 aluminum wire ties (measuring 4" doubled) are included in each box of metal tags.

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    Metal Plant Tags Girl holding plantAbout
    As a collector of many
    tropical plants, I found myself looking for plant tags that would last longer than plastic labels or the popsickle sticks I had been using. Those always disappeared or broke down, and the writing would fade, causing me to lose the information.

    When I found Impress-O aluminum plant tags, I knew right away I had a quality product. Because of the soft core, THEY ARE SO EASY TO WRITE ON with a pencil or ball-point pen, and the writing is permanent because it's "impressed" (indented) on the tag. I haven't lost a tag since I started using them, so I know what all the plants in my collection are. I knew others would find them equally useful.

    Genuine AMEKRON "Impress-O" Tags - 
    The most convenient and durable
    metal plant tags available

    Permanent identification and labeling of your plants

    Buy now with PayPal
    100 tags with ties - $15.95
    PRIORITY MAIL Flat Rate shipping just $5.00, any quantity


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